The Program:

  • Monday 7th January - arrive at Lake Shore. Overnight in a Chalet or a Banda and enjoy dinner at the water’s edge of Lake Tanganyika.

  • Tuesday 8th January - Today we will focus on the EARTH element, grounding ourselves after the journey to Lake Shore. The morning yoga session will start at 7am and will be a more energised session. After yoga we will have enjoy a full breakfast. The rest of the day you will be free to relax, catch up on sleep, enjoy your hammock with a good book or visit our Spa for a massage. At 6pm we will meet again for a healing yoga session ending with a relaxation at sunset.

  • Wednesday 9th January - Today’s morning and evening sessions will be aimed at the WATER element. After the morning yoga we will have a light breakfast of fruit, homemade granola and yoghurt and then we will head off on kayaks to explore the water element of Lake Tanganyika. We will come back for the rest of our breakfast around midday. In the late afternoon we will have a second restorative yoga session being mindful of the water element.

  • Thursday 10th January - The FIRE element is our focus today for the morning and evening yoga. Again after the morning yoga we will enjoy a small, light breakfast and then go out snorkelling at one of the islands in front of Lake Shore and return around 12am for the rest of our breakfast. After another lovely, lazy afternoon we will do a second yoga session and then enjoy dinner on the beach.

  • Friday 11th January - Our yoga today will look at the AIR element. After our morning session and a light breakfast we will go for a gentle walk up to the beautiful, old church and explore the miombo forest around Lake Shore. We will return for our choice of eggs, toast and preserves. Tonight we will explore the healing qualities of the air element as we face the setting sun.

  • Saturday 12th January - The morning yoga session is aimed at the SPACE element and creating space within ourselves. After breakfast you have the day to relax, swim, read or pamper yourself with a massage. In the late afternoon we will go off on a sunset cruise to celebrate the end of our DETOX YOGA RETREAT and enjoy dinner under the stars.

  • Sunday 13th January - Depart Lake Shore after breakfast or with a packed breakfast.