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Lake Shore Lodge is DETERMINED to assist in the protection and longevity of Lake Tanganyika. After living here for 12 years we have identified three main challenges that we are concentrating on helping to solve:

  1. Natural Fish Depletion solved by AQUACULTURE

  2. Extinctions from over-extraction solved by ENDANGERED SPECIES BREEDING PROGRAM

  3. Limited Employment options solved by CENTRES OF LEARNING

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Don’t give a man a fish, give him the wherewithal to grow his own fish

By breeding the endemic tilapia, in ponds, we will offer our surrounding villages with a more stable and less impactful food source. The project is the basis of our MICRO-AQUACULTURE projects, where we will donate small farms to local villagers to empower them to feed their families:

  • boosting employment

  • skills development

  • eco and more stable food source

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Once they are gone, they will be gone FOREVER

At least 12 endemic species of Lake Tanganyika cichlid fish face possible extinction due to mostly unregulated extraction and exportation for aquariums abroad. Our Cichlid Rescue Centre, working with local fisheries, fishermen and chosen experts, will breed these threatened species to provide a non-impactful alternative for the oversees hobbyists.

  • allowing wild cichlid numbers to recover naturally

  • proceeds go back into more conservation efforts

  • preventing extinction

  • working with the trade keeping awareness in the forefront

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Education is the foundation of a society

Living in this wonderfully remote area, we fast realised that employment options are bleak. Through establishing computer rooms in schools and our first Centre of Learning in our closest village, we are providing school children and adults the opportunity to learn computers, read books and empower themselves through self-education. With these skills we will enable many learners to discover more, boosting entrepreneurial ideas and new businesses.