How to get to Lake Shore Lodge

Life is a JOURNEY, not a destination

Depending on Your Budget, there are several options

There have been extensive road works in this part of Tanzania


Kipili has a registered airstrip. See our Flying Safaris page for details about a FABULOUS 6 night itinerary, or contact us about arranging a CHARTER FLIGHT for you.


Here are directions from Mbeya.  If you are coming from Katavi, (north), follow the instructions below from Namanyere. From Mbeya, take the new T9, northwards, towards Sumbawanga, (215 km's / ±3 hours, please don't speed in the 50 zones) From Sumbawanga, keep heading 'north -ish' towards NAMANYERE, (84 km's / ± 1  1/2 hr).  This is a new tar road, still being laid, mostly complete to Namanyere.   From Namanyere, head towards Kirando.  (We have a sign at the traffic circle in Namanyere - there is only one circle, so that's easy).  This is a good dirt road, After 61 km / ± 1 hour, you reach a village called Katongolo, turn right, (we have a sign), towards Kipili, (6km's / 10 minutes).  Drive through Kipili and turn right at our sign, after 1,2 km's you will arrive at Lake Shore.  The beers are COLD


The Liemba is an amazing piece of history.  She is over 100 years old and still ploughing her trade on the lake.  She departs from Kigoma, every second Wednesday.  After 36 hours, (Thursday evening), she docks in Kipili, where we can collect you. Sadly, we have no control over Her sailings, but for more details please contact: Winton Mwasa, who also has no control - but he can give you info! +255754236447 or +255874236447 

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