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Fishing Lake Tanganyika

Most of the villagers around us are dependent on fishing as a livelihood, so it is best for us to arrange that you head out armed with local knowledge.  There are four basic line-fish to lure, they are:


Lake Tanganyika TIGER FISH.  You don’t need a boat, just stand on the dock, or in front of your Chalet and cast.  If you are even only a little lucky, you will reel them in!


The “Sangala Pamba” is the Lake Tanganyika Perch, (Lates Angustifrons).  He can get to 100kg and 2 metres long.


We also have the “Kuhe” (Boulengerochromis microlepis), the world’s largest cichlid. He grows up to about 70cm and is a majestically beautiful fellow.


The “Mikebuka” is also from the “Lates” family and is probably the most abundantly fished guy on the Lake.


Whether you go out on a local boat, on your own kayak, or on one of our boats, you will have stories to tell………….but then, all fishermen do!!


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Wanna see the CHIMPS??

Lake Shore has a NEW itinerary to link with Mahale National Park.

Mahale is famous for the habituated CHIMPANZEE population. It is the trip of a lifetime.

Our New boat, LAKE SHORE WANDERER, makes this possible.

Please contact us to find out more and make a booking!

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